LLP “SPC “Botakara”

Project name: Aggregation agriculture recovery in Bukhar-Zhyrau District using water resources of the republican state enterprise “K. Saptayev’s channel”

Place of implementation: Tuzdy village, Bukhar-Zhyrau District, Karaganda Region

Project cost: 165.7 million tenge

Enterprise name: LLP “SPC “Botakara”

Stakeholder interest allocation:

JSC “NC “SEC “Saryarka” – 49 %;
Village consumer cooperative “Tuzdy” - 51 %;

Main activity – irrigated land recovery in Tuzdy Rural District and provision of agricultural machinery lease services for homesteads of Bukhar-Zhyrau District.

The set tasks related to irrigated agriculture recovery in Bukhar-Zhyrau District are implemented at the moment, and based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the SEC dated 28.12.2013 the SEC share in the authorized capital of the Partnership is sold to the partner – Village water consumer cooperative “Tuzdy”