“Construction of a greenhouse complex of 3 ha” project

Project aim and concept: To create a modern greenhouse complex of 3 ha for year-round growing of vegetable crops in the city of Karaganda.

Project promoter: LLP “GREEN TECHNOLOGY”

Period of implementation: 2009 - 2011

Place of implementation:

Project capacity: 1,700 tons per year

Total project cost: 1,042 million tenge

Financing scheme:
  • proprietary funds – 195 million tenge
  • borrowed funds of JSC “KazAgroFinance” – 870 million tenge
  • Business Road Map 2020 – 78 million tenge
Job creation:
  • For the period of construction – 100
  • For the period of implementation – 70
Current status:
  • Works on the greenhouse installation are completed (100%).
  • Works on equipment commissioning are completed (100%).
  • Disinfestation of planting sections was performed.
  • Grow cubes made of rock wool were arranged on propagation tables in the planting greenhouse.
  • Grow cubes were saturated with nutrient mineral mixture.
  • Cucumber seeds were set in grow cubes.