LLP “Toparskiye teplitsy”

Total project cost: 385 million tenge

SEC investment: 128 million tenge

Period of implementation: 2011-2015

Annual production volume: 6,500 tons of products

The first stage of modernization was implemented, comprising the reconstruction of a greenhouse complex and the installation of the system of ground drip irrigation.

During the second stage the following works were started: repair works on modernization of heat supplying and distribution system in greenhouses which will allow for effective control of the microclimate; works on installation of supplementary lighting system for plants with the use of LED lamps which will result in continuous yield during the winter period, and the works on removal of the soil from greenhouses and installation of gutters with turfy substrate.

Low-volume technology of vegetable growing with the application of turfy substrate over the area of 6 ha has been used since 2012. This will improve the average annual yields of cucumbers up to 35-40 kg/sq.m.

Design and estimate documentation for main heating systems, water supply line and duplicate power transmission line is being elaborated at the moment. Construction of infrastructure is planned to be carried out from funds of “Business Road Map 2020” program.

On March 19, 2012 the financial assistance was prepaid by the partnership. On March 16, 2012 it repaid 79,284,000 tenge and on March 19, 2012 – 48,716,000 tenge.