International cooperation

JSC “SEC “Saryarka” actively promotes international cooperation in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the Karaganda Region.

Cooperation with regions from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus:

  • As part of the implementation of the Action Plan for Implementation of the Agreements between the akimat of the Karaganda Region and the Governments of Tomsk and Sverdlovsk Regions of the Russian Federation and Minsk and Brest Regions of Belarus, JSC “SEC “Saryarka” works on a regular basis on the implementation of joint cooperation. Thus, investment projects of the Karaganda Region have been sent to the above regions for consideration.

Cooperation with international financial institutions:

  • JSC “SEC “Saryarka” cooperates with renowned international financial institutions and companies: the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation (JSC “SEC “Saryarka”, Akimat of the Karaganda Region and IFC have signed a tripartite memorandum of joint cooperation on the implementation of joint investment projects and exchange of information).

International cooperation includes work with the following companies:

  • LLC “TechnoNICOL Corporation” (Russian Federation). Construction project for basalt insulation and extruded polystyrene foam production plant LLP “Plant “TECHNO-KAZAKHSTAN” is included in a unified register of members of special economic zones. Plot of land in the territory of SEZ “Saryarka” has been obtained;
  • LLP “Seven Refractories Asia” (Austria) – Negotiations on the construction of the plant for the production of refractory products in the territory of the special economic zone “Saryarka” are on the way;
  • Negotiations with foreign investors from Holland, Saudi Arabia, Germany and other countries regarding the implementation of projects on the territory of SEZ “Saryarka” are conducted on a regular basis.